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Data Points Collected


Tasks Scheduled

Visual Validations

Field Data Reporting Made Simple

Go beyond traditional email, paper and spreadsheets. Pick•See Web and Mobile Reports provide 24/7 access to on-line field data.


Pick and create tasks, complete with attachments such as product listings or pictures.


Push them out to field representatives who can complete them on any mobile smart phone or computer.


Pull the data from the field into reports, photo and survey summaries produced and updated automatically or “built on the fly.”

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Software Features

Pick•See Reports and Forms

Pick•See is a mobile & web-based application for data reporting, photo capture and management. Pick•See runs on an open source platform, and is ‘device agnostic’ meaning it runs on any operating system, in any Internet browser or on any mobile data device.

Pick•See Geo-Tag Check In

Provides the ultimate level of accountability for the mobile worker to their employer and for the company to their clients.

Allows companies to KNOW where and when their field staff are.

Provides a layer of security and safety for lone or isolated workers.

Can be used for total time management.

Matches to Geo-Tag of in-field reports for a detailed and comprehensive report of total time spent at any location.

Pick•See Desktop

Harnesses the power of cloud computing and SQL.

Nothing to install. Updates and enhancements are automatic and seamlessly rolled out.

Multiple tasks and assignments can be viewed and completed all within one window without having to step through multiple screens.

Can be used on any computer connected to the Internet.

Pick•See Mobile

Mobile runs on any mobile smart phone, tablet or laptop with a cellular or wifi data connection.

Pick•See Mobile has built-in off-line protection. All recorded information is saved if the connection is interrupted or lost.

Pick•See Mobile pushes data reports and images from mobile devices, to the Pick•See Cloud and then pulls down any new tasks, lists or forms – all in Real-Time!

Pick•See Portal

Allows you to share information from the field with your team or clients.

Real-time updates provide the latest sales and service and contact information, task status, images and special form data.

All of these can be viewed online through the Pick•See Portal or exported to spreadsheets, PDF documents and even batches of images in zip files.

Pick•See utilizes ‘meshed’ databases to ensure up-time and keep your data silo-ed or shared as needed.

Pick•See Admin Tools

Pick•See Admin Tools provide a vast array of administrative, CRM, form and file management functions.

Geared for the sales and service industry.

Interrelated store and product listings, tasks, reports.

Establishes a library of documents and files that can be shared across your organization.

Goes beyond email and helps have your sales or service team reach its full potential.

Pick•See Financial Tools

Time is money and Pick•See Financial Tools allow you to tie sales and revenues to store visits and service times for a complete ROI analysis. Pick•See data management and reporting solutions provide 24/7 access to on-line reports, dashboards, photo and survey summaries that are automatically produced and updated or ‘built on the fly’ using the custom Report-Builder.

Incorporates a billing system to quickly summarize service data and transform it into a billable PDF invoice.

Can be used for payroll, budgeting and forecasting and detailed sales analysis.

Pick•See has a built-in mileage tracking form and can be used to allocate revenue and expenses across your organization.

Reports can be easily accessed from the Pick•See Portals or ‘pushed out’ to anyone outside your organization that may need them.

Pick•See data management and reporting solutions are affordable and scalable for the one-person operation or a global workforce.

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