“What I like about the online reporting system is the wealth of information I have at my disposal tracking my team’s performance. The site is easy to navigate and meets my needs for structure regarding call times, job completion percentages as well as on time completion stats to name a few. With this information, I am able to monitor and improve areas of performance with my team all with a click of a mouse. Great satisfaction overall with this platform.”charles-logo

Charles Cho

Service Supervisor, RDTS Imagine

“Pick•See allows me to manage tasks on line, and with photos, we have visual confirmation of completion.
With Pick•See I can review all my sales calls, manage contact data, and review details of every call I have ever made – even from five years ago! My reps love the fact that they have reminders to complete special projects.
The Pick, Push, Pull options are an amazing tool for me to keep my reps in the loop and my clients informed of what is happening at the store level.”

Joel Broughton

Service Manager, Mentor Merchandising

“Pick•See Mobile forms are very useful in that they allow a person to immediately enter information about a product or line of products. Because of this, information submitted about a product is more accurate and lessens the time spent working on reports at home – giving me more family time. Having the ability to manipulate information and pictures after uploading to website is a great bonus feature.”RDTS_ogo


Jan Warfield

Service Representative, RDTS

“As a Pick•See Mobile user I can say that I love using the mobile service reporting. I have been using the service since the trial stages and can’t see myself not using it. All the issues that I have ever had have been solved with the automatic updates.”KM_Logo_Blue_copy

Angelo Tsikrikas

Service Representative, King Marketing

“What I like the most about it, is I get to enter my comments immediately. I like the fact that I can save and send a report later if I need to add more to it. It is indeed convenient and beneficial sending in reports via mobile forms. It sure beats doing reports late at night at home.”Mentor_logo

Rhoda Hess

Service Representative, Mentor Merchandising

“I like how you can see in depth as to where the numbers are actually coming from and allocated to, opposed to Simply Accounting which is a generalization of these numbers and offers zero analysis.”KM_Logo_Blue_copy

James Andrianos

CGA, King Marketing