What’s your most critical piece of information from the field? Is it in the form of a piece of paper?

If you said “yes” then you are like most organizations out there. All this technology, smart phones and still the piece of paper with valuable information on it, just floating around in a field service rep’s binder or the back seat of a sales manager vehicle filled with illegible free flowing text.

What is the value of this little piece of paper? If lost, is it the actual value of the paper or is it the value of the information that is recorded on said piece of paper?

The physical paper report may cost $0.50 or $1.50 but the sales order on it or the business data on it may be worth $100’s of dollars, if not $1,000’s.


Here are the facts. Here is the Paper Chase:


The   Paper Case The   Cost per Mobile Worker Case
Number   of Mobile Employees: 10 Number   of Reports completed per employee/week: 20

Cost of Paper Reports: $1.50/each

Average cost to do business with paper: $1200/month

Cost of Pick-See  and cellular plan for 10 employees is  roughly $1000*/month


Savings Achieved : $200*/month at a Minimum


This is with out factoring in the value of accurate, real-time data and reduced   administrative costs…

* These are an averaged priced

Number   of Mobile Workers: 1 Number   of trips to office for Work Orders or Timesheets per week:10-20

 Average cost of Worker/ hour = $80*

Estimate cost to pick up and drop off paper = $80* –  $160*/day/worker

 Cost of Pick-See and cellular plan is roughly $100*/month =  roughly $5.00*/day/worker

                                                            Savings per day : $75.00*-$155.00*

Savings per month: $1500* – $3100*

Go paperless. Have your valuable data seamlessly sent back to you real time, on time, every time!

That’s the power of data. That’s the power of Pick-See.

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Rebeka Inoue – National Sales Director