They say information is power.

But what is power and what information makes one more powerful?

If you look at business, I guess the more information you have the more “powerful” that organization may become.

Does power = Revenue Success?

Does power = Employee Satisfaction?

Does power = Customer Satisfaction?

In order to define what information you need, you must first define what “power” means, then you can begin the discovery of “what information” and how to gather this information.

When I first joined Pick-See Solutions, I was no stranger to Software as a Solution (SaaS) but was a real new-be to the Retail Merchandising world. I now see the power of information and how, in this secret, vast world of merchandising, companies are just beginning to discover all the “information” that is out in the field with their reps and what that information can mean to their definition of “Power”.

– Rebeka Inoue,

National Director of Sales.